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Transmissions of any vehicle are used to assist the vehicle’s engine in functioning at its full potential. This makes the transmission itself an important part of keeping any vehicle in safe and proper working order. If you are in need of a new-to-you transmission, don’t worry — we’re here to help! At M & B Auto Recycling, we stock a variety of dependable secondhand transmissions that are waiting for you!

Used Automatic Transmissions

A transmission that is automatic does not require the driver to use a clutch to disengage, select and re-engage gears. Automatic transmissions simply use a moveable gear selector to go in and out of various gears (stopping the vehicle fully in between each) while driving. These types of transmissions are one of, if not the, most commonly-purchased type of transmission on the market because of this ease in shifting.

Used Manual Transmissions

We have many manual transmissions available for if you are looking for used parts. If you are looking for replacement parts for a manual car, we have a large selection available. Whether you own an auto shop or you are looking for a used manual transmission for a project of your own, you can visit M & B Auto Recycling for all of your used car part needs.

Used Foreign Transmissions

We know how hard it can be to find replacement parts for foreign cars. M & B Auto Recycling has used foreign transmissions for Toyota, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW cars. Just tell us what you need to keep a car running like new, and we’re happy to help you find it.

No matter how common or not your vehicle’s transmission is, at M & B Auto Recycling we have various transmissions to choose from. Call us now to learn more about our available trustworthy used transmissions and in-person vehicle consultations! A vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important mechanical elements under any hood. If your car’s transmission needs to be replaced, do not hesitate further, call us today!