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We Pay Top Dollar for Your Car!

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Auto salvaging is made simple at M & B Auto Recycling. We offer junk car removal, as well as various vehicle trade-in services with no catch or complications. All of our services are designed around our customers’ needs, on a case-by-case basis.

Junk Car Removal Services

Holding on to a junk car that can neither start nor travel anywhere is an unnecessary stressor. Let us help with our junk car removal services! Rid of junk car hassles, and call now to schedule a removal time today!

Cash for Junk Cars

Dealing with a junk car is quite exhausting at times. Feel refreshed and relieved by trading a junk vehicle for cash! Call now to schedule an in-person vehicle consultation, and find out the exact amount of cash that can be earned today!

Cash for Wrecked Cars

Owning a wrecked vehicle often means needing a replacement one too. Trading in wreckage for usable cash is a reliable way to earn cash down on a new car. Find out the exact amount of cash that you can earn today by calling us now!

Cash for Foreign Cars

At M & B Auto Recycling, we will trade cash for foreign cars! As we conduct a vehicle’s in-person consultation, we remain respectful and professional to both the owner and the vehicle. The denomination given in cash for a traded-in vehicle will depend on several vehicle factors.

Year and Mileage

The ratio of a vehicle’s age and its accumulated mileage may be taken into consideration while performing a consultation and evaluating a specific cash-trade estimate. Though these factors do mildly affect a vehicle’s value, there are other more concerning factors to be analyzed for an accurate estimate.

Make and Model

A vehicle’s make and model will also mildly affect its cash trade value. Model cars with higher end makers will yield greater value—with additional inspections—than makers of standard model cars. Even so, we offer great value for standard models as well. All vehicles are welcome at M & B Auto Recycling!

Condition and Level of Functionality (estimated during in-person consultation)

The most important factor that goes into estimating a vehicle’s cash trade value is the physical condition and level of mechanical functioning. The better the condition of a vehicle, the more value it holds.

Whether you are trading in a wrecked, junked, or foreign car we offer you accurately valued cash in return. Call now for more information on our cash trade and car removal services!