There are new cars, junk cars, and then there are vehicles in between. Those ones in between are able to be made new again, with the replacement of a few major parts from us at M & B Auto Recycling! If your car is neither a junk vehicle nor at the level of being totaled for one reason or another, and only needs a bit of fixing, we have some of the most commonly needed used auto parts in the area to help get your vehicle running smoothly again. From alloy wheels to a few select, main mechanical components as well, we have a great selection of used auto parts available for you!

Used Transmission

The need of a new transmission is a great expense for any vehicle, and a necessary one at that. A transmission, no matter the type, helps the engine of the vehicle run smoothly and effectively. So if your vehicle is in need of a new transmission, do not hesitate to replace it. A slacking transmission will cause engine problems and other issues as a result.

Used Engines

A vehicle’s engine is another crucial part of any vehicle. An engine is nearly the most important part of a vehicle’s mechanics under the hood. Motor engines are what convert a source of energy, such as burning gasoline, into motion so that the vehicle is enabled to move and drive. Without a working engine, there is no chance of a vehicle being driven anywhere.

Used Alloy Wheels

Rims of a tire that are made of alloy are made from a mixture of metals, rather than from one metal source. Alloy wheels tend to be greater in strength and provide for better heat conduction than with solo metal rims made of a single metal, such as steel. Alloy wheels also tend to not only last longer from greater strength, they also have more of an appealing style over single metal rims.

Contact us at M & B Auto Recycling today for information on our selection and availability of reliable used auto parts. We ensure that our used parts are still greatly usable, legally up-to code and safe for purchase and installation into another appropriate vehicle. Call us at 412-430-0459 now and get the used auto parts your vehicle needs, today!