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Every time you attempt to start your vehicle it has a difficult time turning over or staying on after starting. While driving such a vehicle, the rest of its mechanics run haywire. After each service this vehicle receives, it needs additional fixes not too long after. Does this sound like your vehicle? If so, you are the owner of a junk car that has little value—except to us at M & B Auto Recycling! Not only are junk cars unreliable and frustrating to deal with for their drivers, these types of vehicles are also quite unsafe.

Trading in an old junk vehicle at M & B Auto Recycling is a great way to earn cash toward a new, properly working and safe vehicle. We will take that junk car off of your hands and replace it with cash today!

Any Make

We offer valuable cash trades for various names of vehicle makers, both local and foreign. From common makers such as Chevrolet and Dodge, to less familiar makers such as BMW and Mercedes, we accept cash trading for any make of a now junk vehicle.

Any Model

As with accepting any vehicle manufacturer, domestic or otherwise, at M & B Auto Recycling, we also cash trade junk vehicles of innumerable models, from standard to deluxe editions. Whether it is a Buick Regal, Volkswagen Beetle or some model car in between, we will also trade valued cash for junk cars of any model type.

We Pay top Dollar, Regardless of Condition

To us at M & B Auto Recycling, it does not matter why a junk vehicle is a junk vehicle. It may simply have a few difficulties starting or been wrecked and totaled. Whatever the level of junk a junk vehicle is at, we will take it on and offer cash in return! Call us today and start gaining cash, rather than worry, from your junk car.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, if the condition of it is junk then the car is overall considered a junk vehicle. Contact us at M & B Auto Recycling now by calling 412-430-0459 to schedule an in-person for your car, and find out how much you can earn in valuable cash by trading in an unusable junk vehicle.