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When putting up with the hassles of dealing with a wrecked vehicle, it often turns into recognizing the need of a new vehicle all together. If your wrecked car can not safely start to move or drive and with more damage that it is worth, the car is now unsafe wreckage. Yet, at M & B Auto Recycling we will help you turn your wrecked, unusable car into usable valued cash!

Exterior Damage

Although exterior damage may not affect a vehicle beneath the hood, if enough damage is done to the outside of any car, it can still be labeled as an unusable junk vehicle. Any vehicle with such a title needs to be replaced.

Mechanical and Interior Wreckage

When a vehicle’s mechanics begin to malfunction there is only a certain amount of fixing that any driver or mechanic can do before accepting the car as a junk vehicle. When this occurs, contact us at M & B Auto Recycling immediately. We will give you the most accurate cash trade for your junk car, after conducting a personal consultation of the vehicle to evaluate its worth.

Cash Paid for Totaled Cars

Sometimes vehicles are not only wrecked on the outside or interiorly, but both. If a wrecked car is damaged on only the outside or mechanically, and is considered to be a junk vehicle, a totaled vehicle is bound to be titled a junk car.

No matter the level of damage done to a vehicle, totaled or not, any level of damage decreases the value and safety of the vehicle. At M & B Auto Recycling, we will assist you in scheduling an in-person consultation of your junk car to find out how much cash you can earn for your wrecked junk vehicle. Your vehicle may not be drivable, but it is still valued for a cash trade. Call us today by calling 412-430-0459 for more information on trading in your junk car, and start earning cash now!