Alloy wheels are made from a metal mixture of both aluminum and other sturdy metal elements. The aluminum mixture that makes alloy wheels yields a more aesthetically pleasing look to the rims, when compared to heavy, steel platted rims. The aluminum metal mixture also provides for greater strength and increased lifespan over rims made from a solo metal. Rims made of a single metal, such as steel plates, tend to be very heavy, visually chunky, and lack in yielding smooth tire performance. The strength and durability of alloy wheels make them especially reliable for any vehicle. Since these great benefits of alloy wheels make them more expensive, searching for used alloy wheels is a smart way to replace your wheels with sturdy rims at a lower cost, no matter your preferred brands of alloy wheel makers.

  • BBS
  • Lenso
  • Revere
  • Fox Racing
  • Momo
  • Rosso
  • Kei Racing
  • Rial Racing
  • Wolfrace

Along with durability and aesthetics, there are several other benefits to gain from replacing the factory wheels on your vehicle with alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel platted factory wheels, which usually come standard on vehicles since single metal rims are less expensive to manufacture. With lighter rims on all tires, though, the overall wheels on a vehicle will be able to provide for smoother steering. This helps with both gas mileage and general performance handling. Depending on the appropriate fit of certain make and model vehicle, alloy wheels can be tailored in a way that also yields more break clearance!

With so many exceptional benefits to having a vehicle with alloy wheels, there is no reason not to call us at M & B Auto Recycling now to learn more! Give your vehicle the wheels it deserves, and call us today for more information about our currently available brands of used alloy wheels! We will help you find the correct fit of alloy wheel for your vehicle from our pre-handled selection of reliable alloy wheels.