Cash paid for your used car – no matter the condition!

Cash paid for your used car – no matter the condition!

Welcome to M and B Auto Recyling

Cash Paid for Your Used, Junk or Wrecked Car

Auto Salvage for the Greater Pittsburgh Area

At M & B Auto Recycling, we have all the auto salvaging services and used parts that any driver needs for either getting rid of or fixing up a vehicle. From trading in a junk car and foreign vehicles for cash, to simply removing vehicle wreckage from premises, we will help relieve the stressful hassles of dealing with a wrecked, junked, un-moving car. We offer various auto recycling services and parts to better meet the needs of drivers and their vehicles.

Sell Your Junk Car Today for Cash

The best part of M & B Auto Recycling is that we handle each vehicle on a case-by-case basis, with only in-person consultations. Meeting in person with a vehicle is the only way to ensure an exact cash estimate of a trade in. With over-the-phone estimations, there is no certainty that the number given will remain accurate after the vehicle is reviewed. We do not waste your time. Contact us now to get rid of car stress and gain exact valued cash today!